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00:40:00 IST

Amrita befriends a few people whose daily activities include sex, drugs and alcohol. One day, they get involved in a hit-and-run case and slowly realise their lives slipping from their hands.

02:40:00 IST

Iqbal, a deaf and mute boy, only dreams of making it into the Indian cricket team. His status hinders his selection, and he picks a retired coach to train him, who leads him to his dream.

05:00:00 IST

Entertainment-based programme.

05:35:00 IST

Haider, a young man, returns to Jammu and Kashmir when the state is bedevilled by a violent insurgency. He seeks closure regarding his father's disappearance, but the state's politics overpower him.

08:08:00 IST
War Of The Worlds

Ray Ferrier, a dockworker, and his children are all set to spend a weekend together. But an alien tripod descends on Earth, threatening to wipe out humanity.

10:00:00 IST
Mechanic: Resurrection

Arthur, an assassin, fakes his death to leave his past behind. However, Crain, his arch-rival, kidnaps his lover and forces him to commit three assassinations and make them look like accidents.

11:46:00 IST

Shruti loves Barfi, a hearing and speech-impaired man, but marries someone else. Years later, she learns that he is in love with an autistic girl, and feels the need to rethink her own marriage.

14:13:00 IST
Double Dhamaal

Four slackers make elaborate plans to earn money by investing in buildings but are conned by Kabir, who leaves them unemployed and penniless. Soon, they are on the prowl to avenge their humiliation.

16:30:00 IST

John Matthews' estranged son Jason is wrongly arrested for drug trafficking. John enters the narcotics underworld to arrest its kingpins in order to save his son from imprisonment in return.

18:31:00 IST
Max Steel

Max McGrath comes into contact with an extraterrestrial element called Steel that utilises a unique form of esoteric energy. The two symbiotically bond to become a superhero.

20:00:00 IST
Naam Shabana

Jai gets killed in an altercation with some goons, who were teasing Shabana. Later, Shabana gets a call offering help avenge Jai's death provided she agrees to join a secret intelligence agency.

22:24:00 IST

Mehak, a talented artist, develops agoraphobia after a taxi driver assaults her. She moves to a new apartment and starts having visions, making her think that a malevolent force has possessed her.

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