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01:00:00 IST

A young Kashmiri girl and the armyman she's in love with are torn apart when her brother is suspected to be a terrorist.

07:30:00 IST

A father of two girls finds himself in a difficult situation, when he finds out that the boy Pooja loves, is in love with the other daughter, Kajol.

12:00:00 IST

Mustafa introduces Lukka to the world of crime who eventually overthrows him to rule the underworld. Lukka becomes unstoppable after he gets rid of people who oppose him.

15:00:00 IST

Two college students are secretly in love with each other. However, their ego does not allow them to disclose their feelings.

18:00:00 IST
My Name Is Anthony Gonsalves

Riya and Anthony Gonsalves bond over the fact that their parents are no more. Their growing friendship comes to a halt when Riya discovers that Anthony had lied to her about his father being dead.

21:00:00 IST
Karishma Kudrat Ka

Widower Vijay lives in a village with his family. He unwittingly makes an enemy in Lala and a bandit, Bhagad, who conspire and throw him out of the village. But Vijay soon returns as a changed man.

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