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00:35:00 IST

The movie revolves around Dev who is a young Casanova and a diligent MBA student. On the other hand, he also likes to woo pretty girls. But, will he ever find the love of his life?

03:15:00 IST
Raja Babu

Sundar Chatterjee, a military captain, marries Rani. But when he goes missing in war and presumed dead, Rani marries Raja Babu. But, Sundar returns and finds her married.

06:00:00 IST

Arka and Dodo participate in a reality show to win the INR one crore prize money. However, the tasks they have to go through aren't as easy as they expected it to be.

08:20:00 IST

Pranabendu, who owns a movie theatre, is compelled to sell it when advanced technologies ruin his business. His situation worsens when his son Prakash earns money by selling pirated movie DVDs.

10:20:00 IST

Rivalry between two well-established families, the Mitras and the Khans, affects the relationship of their children, Ranajit and Julekha.

13:00:00 IST

Shambu, a criminal, murders Susanta when Harekrishna offers to pay him a large sum. As a result, Chandra, his sister, commits suicide as she was in love with Susanta.

15:35:00 IST
Badshahi Angti

When the Emperor's Ring is stolen from the house of Dhirendra Kumar Sanyal, two boys Feluda and his cousin Topshe set out to investigate the matter and find the culprit.

17:35:00 IST
Har Har Byomkesh

Byomkesh, a detective, faces a series of mystifying twists after he tries to investigate the reason behind the sudden death of Deepnarayan, who had recovered from a prolonged illness.

19:35:00 IST

Jeetu, a young man, wants to become a cop but is discouraged by his brother-in-law, who is also a cop. A dejected Jeetu then steals his uniform and goes around policing in the town and becomes famous.

22:20:00 IST

The story revolves around Sarbani who loved Indranil. They have a son, Bunty. Before their marriage Indranil died in an accident and he was an eyewitness in a murder case.

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