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00:55:00 IST
Raqeeb - Rivals In Love

Sophie excels in the art of seducing men and extracting money from them. She marries Remo, a rich businessman, and hatches a plan with her former lover to kill him.

02:50:00 IST

Sheetal, a widow, is a school teacher and lives with his son after her husband's death. She meets her student's father Ravi, a widower, and decides to marry him.

05:20:00 IST
Jigar Kaleja

A village is hounded by a disease that has killed many. As per a prediction, a godsend will arrive soon. Siddappa, one of the villagers, meets Raju and realises that he is the one who can save them.

06:40:00 IST
Bhoot and Friends

A friendly ghost helps a bunch of teenagers, who are on the lookout for a lost treasure. The mystery of the lost treasure has to be resolved to save everyone's lives.

08:30:00 IST
Hate Story 3

Aditya, a business tycoon, and his wife meet a stranger named Saurav. He happens to be an enemy from his past plotting to seek revenge.

11:00:00 IST
Golmaal 3

Cupid strikes when Pritam, a single father, comes across his college sweetheart, Geeta, in Goa. But with their respective children at war with each other, the two find it difficult to reunite.

14:05:00 IST
Betting Raja

Raj leads a carefree life and gambles to earn money. When he desperately needs money for his father's treatment, he bets on winning Chaitra's love in exchange for a large amount of money.

16:40:00 IST

A police officer assigned to a town to reduce crime rates has to face officers who are as corrupt, while dealing with brutal criminals.

19:55:00 IST
Nayak: The Real Hero

A common man is challenged by the Chief Minister to run the state for a day. His governance is such a success that the people of the state force him into joining politics.

23:55:00 IST

Satya, a collegian, is smitten by Vaishnavi, who belongs to another college. He joins her college, hoping to court her, but a fearsome gangster, Keshu Bhai, is attracted to Vaishnavi too.

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