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11:00:00 IST

Badri, a thief, tries to steal a mysterious trunk from a village, Gulaebagavali, as per the orders of a businessman. However, chaos ensues when the truth about the trunk is revealed.

14:00:00 IST
Isai Thiruvizha

Various musicians and singers perform at an event held in a village on the occasion of Pongal.

15:00:00 IST
Vallavanukku Pullum Aayudham

Sakthi befriends Vaanathi while travelling to his village to sell his ancestor's property. Little does he know that her father has been waiting for him to seek revenge for more than two decades.

18:00:00 IST

The host presents a compilation of the latest updates and developments pertaining to politics, sports, social and economic news.

18:30:00 IST

Lord Ganesha, the son of Lord Shankar and Goddess Parvati and the brother of Lord Kartik, was born after Lord Shankar reincarnated a human body with the head of an elephant.

19:00:00 IST

Bhaskar and his henchmen kidnap Ravi to take over Sudha's land. She pleads to Bhaskar, but he forces her to sign the documents.Alagammai and Palaniswamy, married for several years, encounter several ups and downs while maintaining their love and individuality.

19:30:00 IST
Kalyana Veedu

Surya locks Roja in a room after she tries to create a ruckus in front of Sivagami and her daughters. Meanwhile, Kathiresan slaps Bharat and scolds him for ruining Surya's life.Gopi, a sales representative and a part-time singer at an orchestra, goes through various trials and tribulations to ensure the well-being of his family members.

20:00:00 IST

Kanmani confronts Gopi for stealing her chain and helping Suhasini. Meanwhile, Kalivardhan and Duraiyarasan try to find Leelavathi's daughter and kill her.Anandhi, a middle class woman, struggles to keep her life together while dealing with an alcoholic father and his debts. Though her landlady Sargunam is formidable, she wishes to destroy Kalivardhan.

20:30:00 IST

Akash shows Soundarya a picture of his mother and goes to receive her from the airport. Meanwhile, Valarmathi apologises to Kannan for stopping his wedding with Soundarya.Soundarya's family members are fond of Kannan, but her aunts and brothers-in-law despise him. However, Kannan tries his best to keep everyone united and works for their well-being.

21:00:00 IST
Lakshmi Stores

Lakshmi's father-in-law tells her to find a suitable groom for Kamala. Meanwhile, Bhagyalaxmi is disheartened after she learns that her brother works as a part-time server in a restaurant.A woman sets up her own cloth store and names it 'Lakshmi Stores', she treats all her colleagues and employees equally and her hard work pays off when she tastes success.

21:30:00 IST

The transgender warns Devika to not interfere in Chandra and Neelakandan's life. Back in time, Queen Chandrakumari learns that she has been betrayed by her own husband and Rudra.A woman finds out that she the descendant of Chandrakumari, a legendary warrior-queen, and decides to find out more about her ancestry.

22:00:00 IST

Thilaga and her sister try hard to stop Kumar's engagement with Tamil Selvi. Meanwhile, Gautam threatens Avanthika and forces her to pay him money.Krishnan and Uma face several problems while uniting their separated family after the death of Ayyavu. Eashwari, Uma's friend, devises evil plans to ruin her life and amass her wealth.

22:30:00 IST

Anand is furious after he learns that Vicky and Valli kidnapped his uncle and tortured him. Meanwhile, Vennila and Anand's grandmother are shocked to see Sivashankar.Valli impersonates her twin sister Vennila's identity in order to solve the numerous struggles that Vennila is going through in her life.

23:00:00 IST
Comedy Junction

Aspiring comedians from different parts of India perform hilarious sketches and showcase their skills to entertain the audience.

23:30:00 IST

Antony assumes several identities and kidnaps three government officials in order to succeed in his secret mission. However, a CBI officer sets out to find the real identity of the kidnapper.

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