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00:54:00 IST
Without A Paddle

Tom, Jerry and Dan go on a camping trip to locate hijacker D B Cooper's lost treasure, which their deceased friend was attempting to find. However, they are unaware of the challenges that await them.

02:39:00 IST
The Godfather: Part II

Michael, Vito Corleone's son, attempts to expand his family's crime empire. While he strikes a business deal with gangster Hyman Roth, he is unaware of the dangers he has gotten himself into.

06:00:00 IST
See Spot Run

Gordon Smith, a mailman, is entrusted the responsibility of a dog. However, the dog is an FBI drug-sniffer who has run away from the witness protection programme.

07:38:00 IST

Tristan promises Victoria to get a star from the magical kingdom of Stormhold that exists beyond the Wall. Trying to keep his promise, Tristan ends up having an adventure that changes his life.

09:49:00 IST

Billie Kope goes in search of her sister who was abducted in Mexico. But things take a turn when she finds herself on a remote island with no memory of her sister's kidnapping.

11:16:00 IST
Robin Hood

Robin Hood and his posse of raiders tackle the issue of corruption in a small village. Their efforts lead to tremors in the balance of power forces in the world.

13:47:00 IST
Hotel For Dogs

Two siblings who are forbidden to bring animals home secretly take in stray dogs at an abandoned hotel, thus creating an ideal shelter by transforming the hotel into an incredible paradise for dogs.

15:29:00 IST
The Kings Of Summer

Three teenage friends leave their dysfunctional families and decide to spend their summer building a house in the woods and live in isolation.

17:10:00 IST
Welcome To The Jungle

Beck, a bounty hunter, works for Walker and collects debts for him. He wants to retire, but Walker lures him into committing to his last assignment: retrieving his son from Brazil.

19:00:00 IST
Once Upon A Time In China II

When a seminar in Guangzhou is disrupted by the members of the White Lotus Society, an extremist group who wants to drive away foreigners, Wong Fei-hung decides to take the matter into his own hands.

21:00:00 IST

Whip Whitaker, an airline pilot, saves a flight from crashing. However, the mandated investigation reveals that he was flying the plane under the influence of alcohol and cocaine.

23:15:00 IST

After a team goes missing in the African Congo, another team led by a former CIA operative is sent after them. The group, which also includes a talking gorilla, soon discovers the wrath of the jungle.

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